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As Independent Financial Advisers we are not tied to any single financial institution but can recommend the products of all providers. We pride ourselves that we always put your interests first by providing impartial advice on a wide range of financial topics. Whether you are an individual, a business or a trustee looking after money for others, our expert advisers can help you asses your financial needs and find the right “tools” to tackle the job.
Financial needs fall into three distinct areas, Protection, Investment and Pensions.
Protection products provide funds to help people and businesses in difficult unpredictable situations caused by death, sickness etc. We will make sure that you have the best possible cover for a premium you can afford.
The use of life assurance and other protection contracts, together with trusts where appropriate, can ensure that in these circumstances money can arrive in the right hands at the right time.
• Money for the family on death or sickness
• Replacement of earnings lost through long-term sickness
• Money required to repay a mortgage or loan
• Money required to pay Inheritance Tax
• Funds required where a business loses a partner, director or other key employee
Investment products are designed to build up a sum of money to provide for specific or general needs in the future, such as retirement or educational fees. We will endeavour to make sure that this money is invested as efficiently as possible by minimising taxes and charges. We will do our best to make sure you have the necessary funds at the right time and can ultimately leave money to your heirs without burdening them with an unnecessary Inheritance Tax bill.
• Investing inherited money and gifts
• Investing money left in trust
• Investing money from sale of property
• Reinvesting maturing investments
• Investing surplus income
• Adjusting investments to provide additional income
• Rebalancing the risk profile of existing investments
• Changing investments to save tax
• Simplifying your investments through a suitable “wrapper”
As products offered by Financial Institutions become more complex and with ever changing regulations, many people are confused by pensions. Our specialist pension team will help you to make a suitable choice from the many alternatives available on the market.
• Personal Pensions
• Stakeholder Pensions
• Group Personal and Stakeholder Pensions
• Corporate Pensions (Occupational Schemes)
• Small Self-Administered Schemes (SASS)
• Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP)
• Phased retirement/Drawdown accounts
• Trustee Investment Bonds
• Pension sharing on divorce
• Death in Service benefits
• Annuities
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