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Since 1983 we have been working with BMRA and its predecessors to provide insurance services to members and this invaluable experience has enabled us to understand the particular requirements of this very specialist industry.
We have passed this knowledge and understanding on to our insurance providers, with whom we have long-standing facilities, and with them we have been able to develop some of the widest covers available in the market.
Our aim is to provide quality long term facilities for BMRA members and these have stood the test of time. Over the past 27 years we have continuously provided cover to our members even through the difficult times when others were unable to provide cover.
Our exclusive covers include:
• Employers Public and Products Liability
• Radiation Cover
• Spoilt Melts cover
• Wrongful Conversion of Metal
• Additional Cover for exposure to asbestos
• Low Claims Rebate for BMRA Passport/Passport Plus participants
• Specialist All Risks Plant & Machinery – including operator error and ingress of foreign objects
• Inspection and breakdown of plant
• Property, Stock, Business Interruption and Money
• Goods in Transit including Marine Import/Export
• Risk Management from
Ranmoor Health and Safety Limited.
Peter Hoare and Company (Insurance Brokers) Ltd.
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